Transform vulnerability management with
risk-based contextualisation and automated triage
Read what analysts at Gartner are sharing about Risk Based Vulnerability Management
Automation of ingestion, triage and closure
Contextualization with impact and probability
Enriched by cyber threat intelligence
Eliminate cumbersome processes.
Supercharge your vulnerability management with context and automation through Cartographer.
Automate your triage using impact, cyber threat intelligence such as exploitation likelihood and presence of exploit code in the wild, while taking into account the security controls in place within your organisation. Integrate your existing tools with Cartographer to further optimize your vulnerability management workflow.
Boost efficiency by more than 500%
Build a contextual map of all internal and external assets to visualize your attack surface. Deploy security automation to stay ahead of the threats.
Contextual Threat Intelligence
Contextualize the risks posed to your assets unique to your environment with CVSS, EPSS and other industry leading cyber threat intelligence feeds.
Extensible Interactive Asset Map
Automatically create an interactive visual map of your organisation’s assets. Cartographer also enables you to map dynamically to actual threats within the environment based on integrated security tooling such as EDRs, MDMs and Firewalls.
One-Click Import
Quickly ingest past penetration test reports or vulnerability scan results with a single click. No more cumbersome and manual tracking through spreadsheets.
Curated and Extensible Dashboards
Tailor the information you need that is contextual to your environment. Cartographer’s dashboards are comprised of curated metrics and statistics that will provide you with the right insights you need in a single pane of glass.
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An effective, single unified workbench built by experienced cyber attackers to orchestrate, pre-empt and predict​ attacks.
APAC Director
Technical Services
500% increase in security operations efficiency from vulnerability triage alone. This was exactly what I needed​.
Director, Cybersecurity
Hong Kong listed Financial Institution
Intuitively designed with ​effective machine-learning-powered automation features​.
Hong Kong listed ​ software development company​
Beat cyber attackers at their own game.
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