About SECTA5
SECTA5 is a cybersecurity company built by former cyber attackers for today’s cyber defenders. Our mission is to empower organisations by predicting and neutralising security breaches with our cutting-edge, autonomous security orchestration platform.
Our Vision​
To protect organisations against advanced, multi-faceted ​cyber attacks by reimagining cyber defence ​ through the lens of an attacker​
SECTA5 was founded by a group of cybersecurity veterans with hands-on experience being former attackers and defenders. Realising that there was no solution that truly understood the depth and dynamism of cyber attacks, the company was founded to harness to collective experience of simulating and defending against attacks end to end, and present a unique solution to secure organisations.
Meet your SECTA5 team
Our team is drawn from a diverse pool of former cyber attackers and seasoned security experts. At SECTA5, we are dedicated to serving you to the best of our abilities.
Jeff Ong
Jeff Ong is a distinguished expert in the cybersecurity realm, boasting a decade of experience in both offensive and defensive cybersecurity.  Notably, he stands as one of only two Singaporeans to have ever achieved the prestigious CREST Certified Simulated Attack Specialist certification, has performed adversarial simulation for Fortune 500 firms, CIIs and MNCs.  Beyond his individual contributions, Jeff has demonstrated exceptional leadership and foresight by founding and steering three successful cybersecurity consultancies.
Sky Seah
Sky Seah has 12 years of experience in the technology sector, with the last four years focusing on cybersecurity.  His expertise extends beyond technical acumen to encompass significant business leadership, having been the Profit & Loss owner for an Asia-based business.  With his leadership, Sky doubled the company’s revenue within a span of three years, all while maintaining an impressive net profit margin of over 40%. 
Here’s what our customers say
An effective, single unified workbench built by experienced cyber attackers to orchestrate, pre-empt and predict​ attacks.
APAC Director
Technical Services
500% increase in security operations efficiency from vulnerability triage alone. This was exactly what I needed​.
Director, Cybersecurity
Hong Kong listed Financial Institution
Intuitively designed with ​effective machine-learning-powered automation features​.
Hong Kong listed ​ software development company​
Beat cyber attackers at their own game.
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SECTA5 is a cybersecurity company formed by ex cyber attackers to help organizations predict and stop security breaches through intelligent, autonomous security orchestration.
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